Discover Russian Internet Market

Do you have a product or service yet unknown in Russia? Are you planning to expand your sales? Do you know you can have an upper hand in the Russian market which is wide open for new brands, companies and adventurous entrepreneurs? 

In fact, not many people are aware that geographically Russia is the biggest country in the world, and the Russian language is the fourth most frequently used online language after English, Chinese and Spanish. 

Favorable investment atmosphere, clear laws and taxation make your business in Russia interesting and profitable.

What can also attract you in Russia is the local web network with dynamically growing online customer rates. Businesses and start-ups online development has obviously become a part of our everyday life. New products and new services are available now for millions of Russians on the Internet. The only thing they lack is easy and rapid way to find a necessary product or service among great number of various sites. And that’s why we are here. We can help them find you, and help you advertise and promote your products and/or services on the Russian market.

Major global brands have grasped this idea long ago so almost all of them have Russian language sites or pages in order to actively promote their products in Russia. Time has proven the effectiveness of this practice – Russian customers know these brands very well.

What you should keep in mind are marketing peculiarities in every given country. It’s vital to understand HOW, WHEN and WHERE to promote.

There are three points you need to fit to successfully promote your brand on the Russian market:

  1. Your product or service should be attractive for Russians;
  2. You are willing and have potential to expand your business;
  3. You must find the right partner. 


We know how valuable the name and reputation are. HOROSH STUDIO is ready to efficiently prepare your business presentation and its promotion in Russia. Since 1998 we’ve been thoroughly and accurately working on every project including large businesses like LG, Philips, Victorinox, Gerber, as well as smaller ones. We are proud to have such famous and popular clients, and are happy to welcome every other partner and project on the Russian e-market.


  • localization (not just translation!) of your web site in Russia;
  • SEO for the Russian language web;
  • detailed, attractive and user friendly description of your product/service;
  • target customers analysis;
  • marketing operation based on How, When and Where terms.


  • design, programming and marketing;
  • peculiarities of the Russian web search engines.

Our Studio services also include:

  • design and development of Internet projects of any complexity;
  • auditing and site security;
  • mobile apps design and development;
  • technical project support;
  • analysis and optimization of businesses for the local market.

Be sure we are able to give your business a higher boost!